Scanda CNC Router Starter Kit for ER11 and Larger

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Bits included:
35mm Spoilboard Fly Cutter with 8mm Shaft
6mm Solid Carbide Z2 Straight
3mm Carbide Tipped Straight
12.7mm 60 Degree V Grooving
6mm Chipbreaker Up Spiral
6mm Single Flute Compression
4mm Single Flute Up spiral
Collets for shaft sizes needed:
4mm, 6mm, 6.35mm &8mm




In stock

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Basic Starter kit with premium quality router bits with 4mm, 6mm, 6.35mm &8mm shafts.

Will enable cutting of MDF and plywood, solid wood and acrylic from 3 to 20mm thickness.

60 deg V grooving router bit for basic engraving on woods.

Spoilboard Fly Cutter to skim the spoilboard flat and suitable for smaller spindles that uses ER11 Collets or larger.


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